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Zainab Marwa Abubakar Biography

Zainab Marwa Abubakar is a Nigerian lawyer who is well known for standing for the truth all the time. She is the wife of the present NDLEA Boss, Buba Marwa.

Zainab Marwa Abubakar was born in Bauchi State and raised in a multi-tribal and multi-lingual family with an Adamawa father and an Imo mother. She is the fourth and final child of her mother. She went to 14 different schools in Nigeria, the United States, and the United Kingdom, including Essence International School in Kaduna. She graduated from the University of Buckingham in the United Kingdom at 19, where she also earned a Masters’s degree in service management.

Zainab Marwa Abubakar Age

The age of Zainab Marwa is still unknown to the public at the moment, but we promise to keep you updated anytime we get more details about her age.

Zainab Marwa Abubakar Wikipedia

According to an Interview with Leadership. Ng, Zainab Marwa Abubakar made explained some tangible information about her. Go through the interview below:

Interview With Zainab Marwa Abubakar


My name is Zainab Marwa-Abubakar. I am a hardworking, committed, and intellectually curious woman. I was born in Bauchi State and raised in a multi-tribal and multi-lingual family, with a father from Adamawa state and a mother from Imo. My father is Brig. Gen. Mohamed Buba Marwa (Rtd) and my mother are Mrs. Zainab Marwa. I am the last of four children, with two older brothers:  Abubakar and Mohamed, respectively, and one older sister Mariam, we all happen to be law graduates.

Being a military man, my father was blessed to move around a lot and immerse ourselves in different cultures in and out of Nigeria. I once counted attending 14 schools across Nigeria, America, and the UK, including Essence International School, Kaduna, where I had my secondary education. I proceeded to the UK for my foundation, degree, and master’s. I got my degree with honors from the University of Buckingham in the UK at 19. I also did my Masters’s in service management at Buckingham.

Spectacular Events

I often try to pinpoint specific times in my life that have resulted in who I am as a woman today. When I think about my humanitarian side, I recall the community service I did teach at a local government primary school. I recall that they had no chairs, but the children showed an unspeakable joy upon our arrival. I remember our visit to ABU Teaching Hospital, which was then in Kaduna. My heart broke at the sight of a young girl with cancer of the eye. I wept. What I remember even more is that something was lit in me that day, a need and yearning to live to help others, make their lives easier, and serve. Like a small match causing an explosion, this fire burned in me till I finally launched my non-governmental organization (NGO) in 2006. All these incidents led me and carried me to where I am now.

Childhood Dreams

Funny enough, I recall my maternal uncle calling my siblings and me and asking all of us what we wanted to be when we grew up. I must have been about six years old then. My elder brother said he wanted to be a pilot, the next said he wanted to be a soldier, my sister said she wanted to be a teacher, and when it came to my turn, I looked my uncle died in the eyes and said, I want to be a mother. Of course, everyone roared with laughter as I threw myself on the bed and sobbed for dear life; till this day, I don’t’ know what is so funny about such a lofty and honorable dream as being a mother. Unlike so many who had dreams of going into space as an astronaut or studying dinosaurs as a paleontologist, I, Zainab Marwa, wanted to be a mother.


As I said, we moved around a lot. And when you move around a lot, you are often the new kid, which comes with a lot of issues. I recall some instances of bullying and some anti-social behavior on the part of some kids. Although never physical in my case, bullying is something that I think does scare you if left unchecked. I soon realized, however, that I had the gift of the gab, as they say, meaning when I speak, people tend to listen. I used this gift to bend the would-be bullies to my will, and we ended up being friends most times.


Fond Memories

I had a blissful childhood, I must say. When I think back to those childhood days, my memories are scattered with jewels of family vacations, playing volleyball and basketball with my parents and siblings in the evenings, accompanying my parents on official duties and such. I think my most fond memories were those spent sightseeing. My fond memories are centered on family time and travel, creating fantastic memories and just living in the moment.



I consciously and deliberately devoted a decade of my life to having my babies and raising them the way my heart desired before setting off for the exploits of my NGOs, where I generally devote my working hours.

Role Models

This will sound cheesy. But in all honesty, my parents. My mother is the most kind-hearted and charitable person I have ever met. She is knowledgeable and yet sacrificed her passions for her kids to fly. My father is a genius. If I do say so myself, he is fantastic; his intellectual prowess and ability are legendary. I find his light in his almost superhuman understanding of my psyche. He gave me a lot of confidence as a child because of this.



I think the main mistake I made in my younger years was putting my happiness in someone else’s hands. I was giving someone else the immense power upon my life to make me happy or sad, to control my moods. I think this is a problem a lot of people face. It took me a while to understand that I was the captain of my ship.



I will encourage the young girls of this generation to strive and make their efforts visible in most of the positive segments of society in general. Our girls should also participate in the polity educationally, politically, socially, intellectually, and in Nigeria’s economy’s entrepreneurship sector.


Now, this is interesting. I have failed. I only own up to this one failure, the rest I see as experiences, but this I see as a failure. At quite a young age, I wanted to go into a business which I did, but I was met with so many roadblocks, I promptly gave up. I had terrific ideas that would be worth millions in the bank by now. I know this because I have since followed the field and watched others excel. Since then, my attitude to failure has been to push through, never give up, and never give in.


Future Plan

I am going into politics.



I relax by watching shows that interest me, reading novels or whatever interests me, and taking time out of life, pausing, speaking to myself.



I detest disloyalty. That is a trait that I find most objectionable. Disloyalty is a most repulsive character flaw, and I pray for Allah to steer me clear of disloyal people.

Zainab Marwa Abubakar Death

Unfortunately, on the 9th of January, 2022, Zainab was reported dead after a brief illness. May her perfect soul rest in peace.



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