QV BBMzansi Biography, Age, Instagram, Career, Networth

QV (Keamogetswe Motlhale) is one of the housemates of the Big Brother Mzansi Season 3 2022 Reality Show. I will outline QV BBMzansi Biography, Age, Instagram, Career, Networth in this post.


QV BBMzansi Biography

QV hails from Mahikeng in the Northern West part of South Africa. According to QV, she made it known that she is an easy-going person. She also made it known in an interview with BBMzansi that she is not a judgmental person and understands ‘people’s character easily.

Thou she is regarded to be strict sometimes, but she does not listen to them. In addition to this; QV is also a Marketing Communications Graduate.


QV BBMzansi Age

QV was born in the early ’90s and she is currently 24years of age.


QV BBMzansi Instagram

The Instagram page of QV is still unknown for now but I promise to keep you updated as time goes on.


QV BBMzansi Career


Fun and free-spirited, the easy-going Keamogetswe loves to understand people and says she isn’t judgmental when it comes to people’s characters. She is aShe is a sharp-shooter and straight talker, but but she has no interest in keeping her annoyance to herself when someone gets on her wrong side. Despite being described as ‘strict’ by those who know her, she says she’s kind and describes herself as a tomboy.

She says that her fellow Housemates can expect “a straight talker; a no-nonsense person,” but she’s very kind and open to understanding them. She says she’s an authentic human being, “in the best and worst way.”

On being in the Big Brother Mzansi House, she says she was nervous at the thought of bathing or crying on national TV, but now she’s excited. She acknowledges that she’s loud and that it can get on other people’s nerves, but that she has the ability to listen to people and understand them.

She says she loves to go hiking and run marathons in the outside world – where there is a bit more space.

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