Queen BBNaija Biography, Net Worth, Education, and Career

A vibrant and sweet housemate, the Queen joined the Big Brother Naija house as one female housemate. The Big Brother Naija reality show took a new turn when Ebuka introduced Queen as one of the housemates at the beginning of this show.

As part of the first live show of the season 6 Edition of BBNaija 2021 Shine Ya Eye, Queen became the fourth housemate to be added to the show’s cast. This article will explain everything you need to know about Queen BBNaija Biography, Net Worth, Instagram, and Career. Now, let’s move into the concept of the article:


Queen BBNaija Biography

Mercy Atang, better known by her stage name Queen, is a philanthropist, model, beauty queen, and aspiring politician from the Philippines. At the age of 26, the Queen of Akwa Ibom has already made a name for herself despite her youth.

She hails from the state of Akwa Ibom. Since she was announced as one of the housemates of BBNaija Reality Show, she has taken her talent around the world.

Queen BBNaija is not the only child in her family, according to her mother. She has three other beautiful siblings and was raised by a single mother who is now her grandmother. According to Queen, being raised solely by her mother provided her with many valuable life lessons for which she is thankful.

Queen BBNaija Biography
Queen Sitting Confidently While on Her Media Rounds



Queen BBNaija Education

Queen BBNaija studied in Nigeria for both her primary and secondary education. Thou the specific schools she attended are not revealed yet.  For her Higher Institution of learning, she studied at The Tansian University, located at Umunya, Anambra State.


Professional Life

Queen BBNaija is a philanthropist who supports a variety of causes. She is the founder and director of the Queen Mercy Atang Foundation (QMA Foundation).

Queen, who officially launched the project on the 19th of December, 2019, at the Wallbridge Hotels and Suites in Uyo-Akwa Ibom State. Additionally, she is an aspiring politician, an entrepreneur, and a model, having previously won an international beauty queen competition.


Queen BBNaija is a driven and ambitious individual who places a high value on the people in her life. She considers herself a true leader and an excellent communicator who is calculating, loyal, and peaceful in her approach. She hopes to start her own business and advance her career as a female politician.


Interesting Facts About Queen Bbnaija

  • Queen BBNaija is a naturally cheerful individual.
  • She also enjoys interacting with others, and she intends to continue doing so throughout her time in the Big Brother Naija house.
  • Even though Queen BBNaija gets along with a wide range of people, she dislikes getting along with corny and manipulative people.
  • Because she despises being taken for granted, the Queen of BBNaija will not hesitate to “bite” when someone steps on her toes.
  • According to Queen BBNaija, the only things she will never fight for in the Big Brother Naija house are men, friendship, and nature, all of which she believes are important.
  • She believes that everything in life happens in the way that nature intended it to.
  • Because she believes that clothes are overrated, Queen BBNaija enjoys flaunting her sweet body on the show.
  • She adores high-heeled shoes with 6-inch heels. According to her, they are the most important thing in her life.
  • She enjoys dancing and working out, and she does not take sleeping lightly.
  • Queen BBNaija is a well-known former beauty queen and former Miss International World Classic contestant.
  • “I am beautiful, courageous, and fearless,” Queen BBNaija says of herself.
  • Queen BBNaija is the founder and president of the QMA Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to empowering women and children.


Queen BBNaija Net Worth

Presently, the net worth of this talented personality is still unknown. Stay tuned so that we can update you as soon as we know her net worth.  But glance through her estimated net worth below:


Queen has amassed a substantial amount of wealth through her professional and entrepreneurial endeavours. Her estimated net worth for the year 2021 is approximately $55,000.

Thou she was competing on Big Brother Naija for the whopping sum of 90Million naira before, but she can no longer achieve that as far as she has been evicted.


Queen Bbnaija Relationship


Queen BBNaija has not stated whether or not she is in a relationship at this time. However, as the Big Brother Naija show progresses, she may finally become involved with someone. The same can be said because Queen BBNaija is not married and has no record of having children at this time.


 Queen BBNaija Social Media Pages


Queen BBnaija’s social media pages have seen an increase in the number of likes and followers since she was announced as one of the BBNaija housemates, indicating that fans are eager to assist her in winning the show.

As of this writing, she has over 317k followers on Instagram, and the number is steadily increasing. Follow her on Instagram at @queenmercyatang if you are a big fan of her work.


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