Joseph Ameh (Kaffy Husband) Biography, Age, Career, Marriage, Networth, Divorce

Joseph Ameh (Kaffy Husband) Biography

Joseph Ameh is a Nigerian businessman and the husband to one of the afrobeat dancers in Nigeria, Kaffy.  In addition to being a businessman; he is also a figure in the entertainment industry. He was once a drummer for P-Square a few years ago.

Joseph Ameh and Kaffy While She Was Pregnant About 8years Ago
Joseph Ameh and Kaffy While She Was Pregnant About 8years Ago

The full information of Joseph Ameh is still unknown to the public for now as he doesn’t have any Wikipedia or Encyclopedia page that information can be cloned from. The main reason Joseph Ameh is currently in Nigeria is that divorce has happened between him and his wife.

Today being the 11th of January 2022, Kaffy announced that she and Joseph Ameh had parted ways.

She took to Instagram to discuss her marriage and the reasons why they had decided to divorce.

In an Instagram video, Kaffy, real name Kafayat Shafau, said, “I have always wanted to see my ex be the best version of himself and even breaking up the marriage was also to see that we both grew into what we really are supposed to be.” Marriage is supposed to be an alignment of destinies leading us to where God wants us to go, and mine did not work out that way.”

“Rather than viewing someone as a problem, consider yourself to be that person’s problem.” Being an enabler of someone’s inability to do what they want



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