Femi Osibona Biography, Age, Wiki, Career, Wife and Networth

Femi Osibona was the brains behind the collapsed 21-story building. Femi Osibona was among those killed when the under-construction structure collapsed on him on Monday night.

Femi Osibona Biography

In Ikoyi’s 44 BCD Gerrard Road, Osibona worked as an engineer on the massive 360 Degrees Towers construction project. A building called Ikoyi, located on Gerrard Road in Lagos’s Ikoyi district in southwest Nigeria collapsed on Monday.

According to Wikipedia, construction on the lofty tower, which will contain the opulent apartments, has already begun. Four individuals have been confirmed dead, and authorities fear many more will be injured or killed in the ensuing devastation.

Even though there were 21 floors before the collapse, the Lagos State Building Control Agency only allowed 15 to be built. Femi Osibona is married to the love of his life and is the leader of his band.

Despite this, he hasn’t divulged anything about his housemates or other friends. Because he and his family live in seclusion, very few people are aware of them.

When new data becomes available, we’ll make sure you have it as soon as possible. Femi Osibona had just turned 55 when he passed away. Osibona hailed from Ikenne in Nigeria’s Ogun area, where he held a prominent position among the dark ethnic group.

With an eye toward business and finance, he attended the UK college Croydon University. It’s also worth noting that Osibona is the only African architect in the UK to have built a seven-story building.


#BREAKING UPDATE 1am🇳🇬 This is Dele Momodu’s wife Bolaji Adaramaja-Momodu. Is she ALIVE??? I can’t reach Dele either. #IkoyiBuildingCollapse

This video was reportedly filmed hours before the building collapsed. Femi Osibona owned the building. He’s a UK real estate developer🥺 pic.twitter.com/mxZi77ovqq

— Journalist Dr Kemi Olunloyo🇳🇬 (@KemiOlunloyo) November 2, 2021

Femi Osibona’s Wikipedia page, which usually includes a short biography, is now unremembered. An unnamed source claims that Osibona died on Tuesday after his 21-story high rise in Lagos’ Ikoyi district collapsed.

Femi Osibona Career

He worked for the National House Building Research Council as the Managing Director of Fourscore Homes. Osibona’s company began its land exploration in the United Kingdom before expanding to South Africa and Nigeria.

The research projected Femi Osibona’s entire assets to be more than $100,000. He is currently inaccessible on platforms like Instagram and others that utilize web-based media. Too many people in the UK, Osibona was the only dark African-American engineer worth noting.

According to him, his group wields enormous influence when it comes to constructing opulent homes around the world. In addition to Lagos, Nigeria, he also had houses in London, England.

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