Ejike Ibedilo Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Big Brother Voice, Picture, Instagram, State of Origin

Ejike Ibedilo is a Nigerian broadcaster and a voice-over artist. Over the years of being a broadcaster, he had executed many contracts from different brands, but the one from Big Brother tends to be the outstanding one. At this moment of writing, Ejike Ibedilo is the voice-over artist of Big Brother, in which people are pleased and okay with his voice. Many fans watching the Big Brother reality show are delighted to know many things about Ejike Ibedilo, and that was what prompted me to make a post about Ejike Ibedilo Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Big Brother Voice, Picture, Instagram, State of Origin.

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Ejike Ibedilo Biography


Ejike Ibedilo was once a broadcaster under Cool FM before retiring from service. He was an OAP alongside popular hypeman DOT2DUN. In addition to being an OAP and once a broadcaster, he was also a Nollywood Actor. While he was still a famous filmmaker, he had the opportunity to visit many locations for movies.

Ejike Ibedilo Biography
Ejike Ibedilo Biography


Ejike Ibedilo Wikipedia

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Ejike Ibedilo Age

At this moment of writing, we do not know the official age of Ejike Ibedilo, but we promise to keep you updated anytime we get information about him.


Ejike Ibedilo Big Brother Voice

I will explain how Ejike Ibedilo started his career as a broadcaster in this part. He made all these statements in an interview with a popular media house in Nigeria.

At an MTN Gladiator event at the National Stadium in Surulere, he began his journey to self-discovery. He was on the phone when a certain woman picked up. She inquired as to if he was a radio personality. He wasn’t on the radio at the time, of course. University of Lagos’s Physiology program was where he was a student. What she said next got his attention and made him pause. A person who isn’t on the radio is a waste. Take a moment to listen to your own voice.

Later in the day, he would be told the same thing by his cousin and a voice actor named Shadrack John. Shadrack had no issue making it happen when it came to getting him into a studio. Everyone, even the veterans, at Eric Moore’s Surulere studio was looking forward to meeting him. They promised him that he would be a big hit with his voice texture. He had already left. The trip had begun.

He finished his education at Unilag, but he realized he required additional training as a newbie in his chosen field. Frank Edoho, a fellow traveler, told him that he had a good voice but needed more practice.


Ejike Ibedilo Biography
Ejike Ibedilo Biography

At the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria Training School in Lagos’ GRA-Ikeja neighborhood, he learned the basics of radio transmission. Mr. Akioya, one of the professors, took a shine to him and paid close attention to his development.

As soon as he felt a connection to Broadcasting, he jumped at the chance to learn everything he could about it. The folks he met on the way were charmed by this. He was placed at Cool FM as part of his internship.


In the beginning, Freeze was friendly and welcoming to me. He inquired whether or not I would be interested in working for Cool FM. As though it were a dream. Yes, that is the answer I gave. This was in 2007. Ibrahim Abubakar, the head of the production, invited me to his office. I was asked to take over for someone who had just resigned. It seemed like a divine plan that I had to go on air on that particular day. Olisa, Freeze, Dan Foster, and others congratulated me on my first appearance on the air. It was debilitating and made me feel like riding a rabbit on a headlight. You didn’t punish me when I made a mistake.


Cool FM was only a part of his life for four years before he decided to leave. Even though he didn’t want to go into the specifics of what led to his abrupt departure, his time spent at the world-famous station was one of his highlights. Before I left the radio, I had already started a family. My wife worked a regular 9-to-5 shift at an oil company, while I worked a wild 12-hour shift at a radio station. Two weeks before the birth of my first child, I resigned from the station Cool FM. Because of whatever happened, I had to leave my employer in 2011, no matter how much I loved them. When my wife had to go to work, I chose to stay at home with the kids to not be under too much stress. I became my own boss and started my own company. Besides taking care of the children, I received voiceover and movie jobs. We could get our lives back on track after having our first and second children.


“Every competent broadcaster would tell you that he is like a soldier,” Ibedilo said when asked about his passion for radio. It’s never too late to become a broadcaster. Changing the tone of a nation is the job of a broadcaster, who is well-versed in playing soothing music to soothe agitated listeners. A man came to me who had been married for a long time but had never had children. He and his wife were on the point of divorcing because of their fight. It all started when he turned into one of my nightly shows and fell in love with the music. His wife became pregnant that night thanks to divine intervention. After three months, the man called again to say that his wife had given birth to a baby girl. Ejike, after me, was the name given to the baby boy.


Ibedilo is fortunate that he receives a fair amount of money from each of his jobs. His first love was acting, which gives him a sense of authority. He has been in several Nollywood films as an actor. However, if he had an option, he would rather be an On-Air Personality (OAP).


What he considers to be his most treasured asset may come as a surprise to many. My voice is a valuable asset. This is a gift, and it’s impossible to quantify the value of a gift. I’m not going to do that.

He evaded questions about his participation in the latest Big Brother Naija reality show. â€I hear it everywhere I go, o! People are approaching me and asking if I believe it. In the same way, I’d like to remark that it’s a great honor to be mentioned so frequently. The rumor spread that I was Nigeria’s Big Brother on social media. That’s exactly what I’ve read and heard. In addition, I’ve seen or heard mentions of Frank Edoho, Yemi Blaq, and Segun Arinze as the voice of the narration. I believe the speculation is mainly based on individuals with excellent voice gestures. However, I am a Big Brother fan and am proud to be affiliated with the show. Like everyone else, I tuned in to watch the concert and found it enjoyable. So much came from the show: Nigerian cultural heritage, particularly on the day they wore in traditional Nigerian garb. That made us a household name around the world.


He cherishes his vocations so much that he wishes to be remembered by those who served in them. It would be nice if my eulogy said, ‘Here lies a Nigerian broadcaster, actor, and international voice artist’ if I died today.’ ‘It’s pleasant when someone says, ‘This voice reminds me of someone I know.”


At this point, Ibedilo is taking care of his family, working as a voice-over artist and master of ceremonies, and pursuing his acting career. One day, he would like to get back on the airwaves.



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