Commissioner DJ Wysei Biography, Age, Career, Education, Parents, Mixtapes

Commissioner DJ Wysei Biography

Commissioner Dj Wysei was originally born Iwuagwu Ebere Patricia. She is a Nigerian DJ, record executive, producer, author, and media personality known as Commissioner DJ Wysei AKA (Drummer girl).

Commissioner DJ Wysei Biography
Commissioner DJ Wysei Biography

In the year 2021, she was one of the most successful DJs in Nigeria. She was one of the most gorgeous, talented, skilful, innovative and highly regarded DJ. 

She has successfully carved out a distinct and distinct identity for herself by establishing a niche in the market. The amazing way she does play her drum and instruments is the main source of her transformation. She is one of Nigeria’s most versatile DJs since she can play a wide range of genres. The huge diversity of songs she can include into one playlist sets her apart from her peers.

Dj Wysei Age

DJ Wysei was born on November 2, 1996, making her 25years old as of 2021.

Dj Wysei Birthday

Commissioner Dj Wysei do celebrate her birthday every year on November 2. She celebrated her 25th birthday on November 2, 2021.

Commissioner DJ Wysei Biography
Commissioner DJ Wysei Biography

DJ Wysei State of Origin 

Dj Wysei is a native of Imo State in Nigeria’s south-eastern region.

DJ Wysei Nationality

DJ Wysei is a Nigerian by nationality. 

DJ Wysei Tribe

DJ Wysei is an Igbo tribe. 

DJ Wysei Parents

Mr and Mrs Iwuagwu welcomed DJ Wysei into the world when she was just a baby. DJ Wysei is the eighth and final child of DJ Wysei’s parents. She and her siblings grew raised in the eastern part of the country.

DJ Wysei Father

DJ Wysei father, Mr Iwuagwu, is an Igbo man from Imo state who happens to be the father of 8 children, including DJ Wysei herself. Much is not known about her father, if he is dead or alive. 

Dj Wysei Mother

DJ Wysei mother, Mrs Iwuagwu, is also from Imo state; much is unknown about her mother. 

DJ Wysei Siblings

DJ Wysei has seven siblings, including brothers and sisters. She was loved very much by her siblings just because she was talented and was also the last born of the family.

Commissioner DJ Wysei Biography
Commissioner DJ Wysei Biography

Dj Wysei Education

Dj Wysei attended school in Imo State for both her primary and secondary education. National Open University came after that.

Dj Wysei’s interest in music began during her high school and college years while she was a student.

In the year 2014, Commissioner DJ Wysei began her professional career as a DJ. During the summer of 2016, she was hired as an in-house DJ by her high school radio station, Noun.

Her collaboration with Noun FM Lagos allowed her to develop her talents and profession further. To keep her listeners glued to their radios, she found out a way to twist music. Following just two (2) years as a DJ, she was picked and received an award; after that, she embarked on a tour dubbed the “Ctown Tour,” She performed for fans across the Benin Republic, including Port Novo. When “CNN” and the BBC recognized her as one of the most effective female DJs in Africa, she felt like she had accomplished something special. DJ Wysei gained more prominence as she became the official DJ for Globe Broadcasting and Communication (Wazobia FM 95.1, Lagos ).

“Source of Honor” and “Source of Joy” are two short books written by Commissioner Dj Wysei in 2015, chronicling the idealistic life that young people are encouraged to lead.

According to our African tradition with notable morals to every acceptable way of living worldwide at large. Iwuagwu Ebere Patricia, Commissioner Dj Wysei, performed at the 2021 BBNaija Season 6 “Shine Ya Eye” Saturday Night Party, which was a hit. 

Dj Wysei Awards and Nominations

  • In 2016, she was named Nigeria’s Best Female DJ at the Gbedu Awards for DJs and received her efforts.
  • She was also nominated and won the Biggy’s Awards for Entertainment Best Female DJ Eastern portion of Nigeria in 2017.

DJ Wysei Boyfriend

According to social media posts, Commissioner Dj Wysei does not have a lover at the time.

DJ Wysei Social Media Handles

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